Its matchmaking become whenever Travis got seem to entitled Ashleigh in error and you can designed to call a separate girl named Kristen

Its matchmaking become whenever Travis got seem to entitled Ashleigh in error and you can designed to call a separate girl named Kristen

Ashleigh Howard is one of the main emails of your own series. She actually is the best buddy regarding Casey Cartwright and contains started simply because they was indeed freshmen. She actually is an effective Cyprus-Rhodes School scholar. She has also been new chairman of your own CRU section out-of Zeta Beta Zeta. She’s most flirtatious and you may social, possesses a beneficial sense of style. By the end regarding show, she actually is the newest wife off Rusty Cartwright.


During the senior school, Ashleigh got a boyfriend called Travis. If you are Ashleigh is actually accepted to CRU, Travis are recognized so you’re able to Brownish College. They decided to maintain an extended-length matchmaking. For everybody away from her freshmen and you may sophomore ages, Ashleigh stayed faithful in order to Travis.

During the the lady freshmen season, Ashleigh satisfied the lady future companion, Casey Cartwright, in the laundry area off their dormitory. It made a decision to getting hurry buddies. The two along with met Frannie Morgan, good sophomore offering given that vow teacher within ZBZ. In rush concert tour, she and you will Ashleigh visited new ZBZ house. If the “doughnut attempt”, just like the Ashleigh named they, she officially hit a brick wall as the she consumed new doughnut.

Later you to definitely evening, Casey and you will Ashleigh visited the fresh new Kappa Tau Gamma rush team. It is here you to she and Casey found Evan Compartments and you may Cappie. Even if she unsuccessful the newest donut test, she pledged ZBZ having Casey and you will turned the little cousin from Robin Wylie. Based on Casey, she was bending with the racing Pi Pi Pi, but Ashleigh learned that the woman quote is a prank and this Tri-Pi would definitely eradicate the woman immediately after 14 days. Ashleigh keyed the car of the Tri-Pi member which sent Casey the fresh bogus quote.

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Ashleigh are excited whenever Casey says to this lady one Frannie is actually think to your passing on the presidency out of ZBZ in order to their. Afterwards, the woman is astonished to find out that Casey possess a more youthful aunt that she never ever shared with her from the due to the fact that Casey informed her one to she are a sole kid when they have been freshmen. Once all of us have heard one Evan slept that have Rebecca Logan, Ashleigh ideal so you’re able to Casey that they haze Rebecca much you to definitely she would quit racing ZBZ off her very own free usually. So it turns out failing once Rebecca goes into issue with CRU professors immediately after she and you may Casey provided her an absurd scavenger have a look.

Ashleigh carry out later on meet Calvin Owens, who had been the only real Omega Chi hope to provide to assist the woman prepare for the ZBZ/Omega Chi mixer. She 1st believes you to definitely Calvin has a good crush on her behalf, not understanding that they are gay. She’d in the future learn that he was a genuinely sweet kid and turned into close friends having him. Even after getting with Travis, she begins getting keen on Calvin, even advising Casey that he is actually “kinda hot”.

Later, Travis do reach CRU to visit Ashleigh. Visitors she raises Travis works out loathing your because of how conceited he or she is. Immediately following Travis insults the entire Greek system on Dobler’s, Frannie tells Ashleigh you to definitely she has to break up with him. Ashleigh looks for Casey to support, however, Casey says to the girl that when Travis is about, she is not herself and you may serves such as an entirely additional person. Instead Casey to speak with, Ashleigh demonstrates to you the issue in order to Calvin. Even after his dislike of Travis, Calvin tells the girl when she enjoys Travis upcoming she would be to keep this lady private life and you may sorority life separate. Ashleigh looks like providing Calvin’s guidance, she lays in order to the lady sorority sisters about breaking up having Travis. Due to Casey support Frannie’s choice, Casey and you may Ashleigh’s relationship gets strained. Ashleigh evens up befriending Rebecca, just who told you she did not support how its sisters pressed their to help you breakup with her sweetheart. Shortly after Casey discovers that Ashleigh remains with Travis and says to their you to definitely she’s going to continue her miracle, both make up.

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